Config #

The first time you run cointop, it’ll create a config file in:


On Unix systems, the default config path is $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/cointop/config.toml

On macOS (darwin), the default config path is $HOME/Library/Application Support/cointop/config.toml

On Windows, the default config path is %AppData%\cointop\config.toml

Note: The config directory is determined by os.UserConfigDir()

You may specify a different config file to use by using the --config flag:

cointop --config="/path/to/config.toml"

Alternatively, you can set the config file path via the environment variable COINTOP_CONFIG

export COINTOP_CONFIG="/path/to/config.toml"

Key bindings #

You can configure the actions you want for each key in config.toml:

currency = "USD"
default_view = ""
default_chart_range = "1Y"
api = "coingecko"
colorscheme = "cointop"
refresh_rate = 60

  "$" = "last_page"
  0 = "move_to_first_page_first_row"
  1 = "sort_column_1h_change"
  2 = "sort_column_24h_change"
  7 = "sort_column_7d_change"
  "?" = "help"
  "/" = "open_search"
  "[" = "previous_chart_range"
  "\\" = "toggle_table_fullscreen"
  "]" = "next_chart_range"
  "{" = "first_chart_range"
  "}" = "last_chart_range"
  "<" = "scroll_left"
  ">" = "scroll_right"
  C = "show_currency_convert_menu"
  E = "show_portfolio_edit_menu"
  G = "move_to_page_last_row"
  H = "move_to_page_visible_first_row"
  L = "move_to_page_visible_last_row"
  M = "move_to_page_visible_middle_row"
  O = "open_link"
  P = "toggle_portfolio"
  a = "sort_column_available_supply"
  "alt+down" = "sort_column_desc"
  "alt+left" = "sort_left_column"
  "alt+right" = "sort_right_column"
  "alt+up" = "sort_column_asc"
  down = "move_down"
  left = "previous_page"
  right = "next_page"
  up = "move_up"
  c = "show_currency_convert_menu"
  b = "sort_column_balance"
  "ctrl+c" = "quit"
  "ctrl+d" = "page_down"
  "ctrl+f" = "open_search"
  "ctrl+j" = "enlarge_chart"
  "ctrl+k" = "shorten_chart"
  "ctrl+n" = "next_page"
  "ctrl+p" = "previous_page"
  "ctrl+r" = "refresh"
  "ctrl+s" = "save"
  "ctrl+u" = "page_up"
  e = "show_portfolio_edit_menu"
  end = "move_to_page_last_row"
  enter = "toggle_row_chart"
  esc = "quit"
  f = "toggle_favorite"
  F = "toggle_show_favorites"
  F1 = "help"
  g = "move_to_page_first_row"
  h = "previous_page"
  home = "move_to_page_first_row"
  j = "move_down"
  k = "move_up"
  l = "next_page"
  m = "sort_column_market_cap"
  n = "sort_column_name"
  o = "open_link"
  p = "sort_column_price"
  pagedown = "page_down"
  pageup = "page_up"
  q = "quit_view"
	Q = "quit_view"
  r = "sort_column_rank"
  s = "sort_column_symbol"
  space = "toggle_favorite"
  tab = "move_down_or_next_page"
  t = "sort_column_total_supply"
  u = "sort_column_last_updated"
  v = "sort_column_24h_volume"



  pro_api_key = ""

  pro_api_key = ""

List of actions #

This are the action keywords you may use in the config file to change what the shortcut keys do:

Action Description
first_chart_range Select first chart date range (e.g. 24H)
first_page Go to first page
move_to_first_page_first_row Go to first row on the first page
enlarge_chart Increase chart height
help Show help
hide_currency_convert_menu Hide currency convert menu
last_chart_range Select last chart date range (e.g. All Time)
last_page Go to last page
move_to_page_first_row Move to first row on page
move_to_page_last_row Move to last row on page
move_to_page_visible_first_row Move to first visible row on page
move_to_page_visible_last_row Move to last visible row on page
move_to_page_visible_middle_row Move to middle visible row on page
move_up Move one row up
move_down Move one row down
move_down_or_next_page Move one row down or to next page if at last row
move_up_or_previous_page Move one row up or to previous page if at first row
next_chart_range Select next chart date range (e.g. 3D → 7D)
next_page Go to next page
open_link Open row link
open_search Open search field
page_down Move one row down
page_up Scroll one page up
previous_chart_range Select previous chart date range (e.g. 7D → 3D)
previous_page Go to previous page
quit Quit application
quit_view Quit view
refresh Do a manual refresh on the data
save Save config
scroll_left Scroll table to the left
scroll_right Scroll table to the right
shorten_chart Decrease chart height
show_currency_convert_menu Show currency convert menu
show_favorites Show favorites
sort_column_1h_change Sort table by column 1 hour change
sort_column_24h_change Sort table by column 24 hour change
sort_column_24h_volume Sort table by column 24 hour volume
sort_column_7d_change Sort table by column 7 day change
sort_column_asc Sort highlighted column by ascending order
sort_column_available_supply Sort table by column available supply
sort_column_balance Sort table by column balance
sort_column_desc Sort highlighted column by descending order
sort_column_holdings Sort table by column holdings
sort_column_last_updated Sort table by column last updated
sort_column_market_cap Sort table by column market cap
sort_column_name Sort table by column name
sort_column_price Sort table by column price
sort_column_rank Sort table by column rank
sort_column_symbol Sort table by column symbol
sort_column_total_supply Sort table by column total supply
sort_left_column Sort the column to the left of the highlighted column
sort_right_column Sort the column to the right of the highlighted column
toggle_row_chart Toggle the chart for the highlighted row
toggle_favorite Toggle coin as favorite
toggle_show_currency_convert_menu Toggle show currency convert menu
toggle_show_favorites Toggle show favorites
toggle_portfolio Toggle portfolio view
toggle_show_portfolio Toggle show portfolio view
show_portfolio_edit_menu Show portfolio edit holdings menu
toggle_table_fullscreen Toggle table fullscreen