Install #

There are multiple ways you can install cointop depending on the platform you’re on.

Make sure to have go (1.17+) installed, then do:

go install

The cointop executable will be under your GOPATH so make sure $GOPATH/bin is added to the $PATH variable if not already.

Now you can run cointop:


Binary (all platforms) #

You can download the binary from the releases page.

curl -o- | bash
wget -qO- | bash

Homebrew (macOS) #

cointop is available via Homebrew for macOS:

brew install cointop



Snap (Ubuntu) #

cointop is available as a snap for Linux users.

sudo snap install cointop --stable

Running snap:

sudo snap run cointop

Note: snaps don’t work in Windows WSL. See this issue thread.

Copr (Fedora) #

cointop is available as a copr package.

First, enable the repository

sudo dnf copr enable miguelmota/cointop -y

Install cointop

sudo dnf install cointop



AUR (Arch Linux) #

cointop is available as an AUR package.

git clone
cd cointop
makepkg -si

Using yay

yay -S cointop

XBPS (Void Linux) #

cointop is available as a XBPS package.

sudo xbps-install -S cointop

Flatpak (Linux) #

cointop is available as a Flatpak package via the Flathub registry.

Add the flathub repository (if not done so already)

sudo flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

Install cointop flatpak

sudo flatpak install flathub com.github.miguelmota.Cointop

Run cointop flatpak

flatpak run com.github.miguelmota.Cointop

NixOS (Linux) #

cointop is available as a nixpkg.

nix-env -iA nixpkgs.cointop

AppImage (Linux) #

You can download the AppImage from the releases page.

VERSION=$(curl --silent "" | grep -Po --color=never '"tag_name": ".\K.*?(?=")')
wget $URL

Make AppImage executable:

chmod +x cointop-*.AppImage

Run AppImage:


FreshPorts (FreeBSD / OpenBSD) #

cointop is available as a FreshPort package.

sudo pkg install cointop

Windows (PowerShell / WSL) #

Install Go and git, then:

go get -u

You’ll need additional font support for Windows. Please see the wiki for instructions.

Docker #

cointop is available on Docker Hub.

docker run -it cointop/cointop

Note: the config is under /root/.config/cointop in container, so attach a volume to make it persistent in host:

docker run -v ~/.cache/cointop:/root/.config/cointop -it cointop/cointop

Binaries #

You can find pre-built binaries on the releases page.